For the duration of this semester I have decided that for my learning project I will be learning how to cook. I will be using a variety of online sources such as websites and apps to help me in this process. The reason I decided to learn how to cook was pretty simple, it is something that I am not very good at right now but is an important skill that is life long and is something that I have always wanted to get better at. Being able to properly cook would really help a lot of aspects in my life, for one thing it is typically healthy and financially it is a better option most of the time.

Currently my cooking ability is limited to a grilled cheese sandwich, mini-pizzas, oatmeal, kraft dinner, and sometimes hot dogs. Basically if I was forced to cook for myself everyday I would have the diet of a child… So I really want to learn how to make healthy food that will give me a variety of things to cook.

I am planning on learning easier dishes first and things that online sources say to start with before working my way up to more difficult meals to prepare. In order to get better I am going to try and cook at least one meal a day and learn at minimum two to three dishes a week (meaning I will be able to cook these meals without needing reminders from my online sources on how to do it and have the food taste good). To showcase my project I will be using pictures of the dishes that I cook every week.

I am really excited for this project because I have wanted to learn this for a long time and it will be something that is really beneficial for me and something that will be useful for the rest of my life. I look forward to learning and sharing this experience!