Before I discuss my educational technology experience I would like to tell you a bit about myself first. I am going into my third year of the secondary education program at the UofR where I am majoring in Social Studies and minoring in Inclusive Education. In my free time I like going for walks and hanging out with my brother and friends. Traveling is a big passion of mine and exploring new places and cultures is something I hope to spend a lot of time doing. I also have a super great dog who I spend a lot of time with. IMG_4149.jpg

(This is my dog Zoe, she is 10 years old)

I have a little bit of experience with online education. Growing up I have had to use a computer since I was 10 for school so I have had to use lots of different programs for school but I am excited to learn how I can use them when teaching instead of when I am learning. On social media I am pretty active with a facebook, instagram, and recently a twitter. I have done a lot of blogging over the last few years but I still feel like I have a lot of room to get better and learn. In the past I have been very unhappy with my blog but I think I have improved and I am looking forward to getting even better at it.